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Walnut Springs Press Month: Spotlight on Laurie Lewis

Spotlight on
Author Laurie "LC" Lewis

Laurie, or LC Lewis, was born and raised in rural Maryland, surrounded by history-rich Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore where she nmet her husband, Tom. While raising her family, Laurie began building a portfolio of short stories, novels and plays. She developed a love of research during a seven-year stint as a science-education facilitator in the Carroll County Public School System. As her children left home she turned her attentions to writing full time and employed her research skills to dig deeply into American history, fleshing out her work with the vivid locales and colorful people she and her husband Tom continue to meet on their frequent travels.

LC Lewis, has authored seven novels—two women’s fiction titles, Unspoken (2004) and Awakening Avery (Walnut Springs Press, 2010), as Laurie Lewis, and five volumes in her award-winning Free Men and Dreamers series--Dark Sky at Dawn (2007), and Twilight’s Last Gleaming (2008). Each were finalists in the USA Best Books Competition. Dawn’s Early Light (2009) was followed by Oh, Say Can You See? (Walnut Springs Press) a 2010 Whitney Award finalist. In God Is Our Trust (Walnut Springs Press, 2011) was a Whitney Award nominee.

She now combines her love of travel, history, and people to produce uplifting family and historical dramas. She is currently working on three projects: a political suspense novel, a family drama about Alzheimer’s disease, and a historical romance.

A popular speaker and workshop presenter, Laurie is a member of LDStorymakers and ANWA. She loves to hear from her readers at, or Laurie is also a contributor to the Deseret Media through Deseret Connect.

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Walnut Springs Press Books
by Laurie LC Lewis

Title: Awakening Avery
Author: Laurie Lewis
Release Date: April 2010
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press (Facebook | Twitter)
Genre: Contemporary Clean Romance
"You're depressed," the doctor declared.

"Ya think?" is author Avery Elkins Thompson's sarcastic response to the astute diagnosis for the malaise that set in following her husband's untimely death. Avery's carefully controlled world is imploding, and her adult children fear they are losing her too.

"You're just a shadow of the person you used to be...We'd gladly give you up for a while if it meant getting you back."

Avery can't write, and questions about their father's death leave the family mired in pain. "We need a healing place," her oldest son tells her, suggesting she find it on Anna Maria Island, Florida, a former family vacation spot.

When Avery returns to Baltimore to sell the family's waterfront condo, she meets rodeo-ers-turned-real-estate-brokers Teddie and Rider Davis, and Avery's quiet life will never be the same again.

The Davises help arrange a short-term house swap with widower Gabriel Carson from Anna Maria, whose overprotective parenting has resulted in two self-centered, twenty-something daughters. Avery and Gabriel are in for the summer of their lives as they step into one another's messy, complicated worlds.

Still, venturing out on her own again is challenging for Avery, whose experiences at the Ringling's magnificent Ca d'Zan mansion, and with the quirky characters she meets there, eventually awaken her to truths she has long forgotten - that as crazy as life can be, it is possible to laugh and love again.

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Title: Oh, Say Can You See? (Free Men and Dreamers Vol. 4)
Author: L.C. Lewis
Release Date: November 2010
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press (Facebook | Twitter)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: Book #4 of Free Men and Dreamers series
Tis The Star-Spangled Banner; O! Long May it Wave...

Though the capital smolders, the battered Constitution and the presidency have survived. But the British left the struggling government no home. Gone are the symbols of America - the Capitol Building and the President's House, and nearly every relic of the infant nation.

Britain's next target is the port city of Baltimore, but has the raid on Washington stiffened the Americans' backs?

As the Willows women mourn their absent men - gone to war, or wounded, or captured - they await the birth of a blessed child.

Miles away, attorney Francis Scott Key embarks on a diplomatic mission that will leave an everlasting mark on America. Proving that the pen can indeed by more powerful than the sword, Key records the fears and hopes of his embattled people. His epic poem soon set to music and titled "The Star-Spangled Banner," rallies a shattered nation to rise from its knees to claim the dream of "one nation under God" during the closing hours of the War of 1812.

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Title: In God Is Our Trust (Free Men and Dreamers Vol. 5)
Author: L.C. Lewis
Release Date: October 2011
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press (Facebook | Twitter)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: Book #5 of Free Men and Dreamers series
And this be our motto In God is our trust.

America exits the War of 1812 battered but determined under the leadership of the last men tutored by the Founding Fathers. As she is welcomed onto the world stage, new leaders prepare to thrust an aggressive platform on the nation, threatening America's unity and her brief period of prosperity and peace. The country's trials have prepared a choice generation, but as adversity afflicts the Pearson home, Hannah enters a crisis of faith, questioning man's interpretation of God's word. The struggles plaguing the Pearsons affect Frannie and the six families with whom the Pearsons have become entangled during the war. As a new religious reformation dawns in America, the Pearsons and Snowdens become involved with a young man from Hannah's past Joseph Smith whose accounts of visions and dealings with angels strain tender relationships and test the Constitution's guarantees of religious liberty.

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