Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Newport Ladies' Book Club

"4 Women, 4 Books
4 Lives Changed Through Friendship"

Let me introduce you to The Newport Ladies' Book Club series, written by some of my favorite LDS authors.


Olivia has it all--and does it all--from motherhood, to being the perfect wife, to volunteering at the hospital. But when her marriage is threatened, Olivia must decide if she has the strength, or desire, to save it.

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Since becoming a mother at the age of 17, Daisy has looked forward to the day when she could check "motherhood" off her list of things to do. At the age of 46 everything seems to be right on track, until she suddenly finds herself facing a very different future than she planned on, and an uncomfortable evaluation of the past she thought she understood.

Available May 2012


Young, divorced, with two children, Paige must come to terms with her husband’s betrayal, discover who she is as a woman rather than a wife, help her boys adjust to life in a broken home, and decide if love and trust will ever be a part of her future again.

Coming August 2012


Athena is a self-proclaimed bachelorette—it’s better that way—no one gets hurt. But when tragedy strikes, Athena realizes friendship and love is the only way she can pull through, and she must, for the first time in her life, risk opening her heart.

Available November 2012

Meet the Authors!

Julie Wright, Josi Kilpack, Annette Lyon, and Heather Moore have published a number of best-selling and award-winning LDS fiction novels. Read more about their collaboration on their blog.

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