Sunday, April 15, 2012

Espionage Blog Tour: Kickoff, Sneak Peek, & Giveaway

Welcome to the Espionage Blog Tour!

I'm so excited to be hosting a book blog tour for A.L. Sowards' debut novel, Espionage! Between April 16th and the 30th, 10 different blogs will be featuring reviews. author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways for Espionage. Keep reading for the blog tour schedule, a description and sneak peek of the book, and of course, THE GIVEAWAY!

Blog Tour Schedule

April 16: The Book Bug - Tour Schedule, Kickoff, Sneak Peek, & Giveaway
April 17: Fire and Ice - Review & Guest Post
April 17: LDS Writer Mom - Review & Interview
April 18: The Book Bug - Guest Post
April 19: I Am A Reader, Not a Writer - Interview & Giveaway
April 20: The Book Bug - Author Interview
April 23: Bookworm Lisa - Review
April 24: Getting Your Read On - Review & Giveaway
April 25: Books 4 Me - Review
April 26: Bonnie Gets a Say - Review, Interview, & Giveaway
April 28: Why Not? Because I Said So! - Review
April 28: LDS Women's Book Review - Review
April 30: The Book Bug - Review

About the Book

Title: Espionage
Author: A.L. Sowards
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Date Released: March 2012
Genre: LDS Historical Fiction
France, 1944: Nobody expects Peter Eddy to survive his first commando mission—to retrieve a code book stolen by the Nazis—so when he does come back alive, his success is rewarded with an even more daunting assignment. Partnered with French Resistance leader Jacques Olivier, Eddy must identify which of three Allied contacts in Calais is a double agent and use the traitor to help implement a strategic Allied diversion that might win the war. Eddy and Olivier secretly cross the English Channel to confront their suspects one at a time, but what appears to be a clean assignment soon turns disastrous, and a shocking betrayal leaves Eddy in the grip of the Gestapo. With the courageous aid of Olivier and his sister, Genevieve, Eddy evades his captors with a dangerous escape plan. But as the Allied invasion approaches, treachery in the least likely places leads to fresh graves in the bloodied European soil—and only the power of loyalty and love can transform tragic endings into new beginnings.
Sneak Peek: Chapter 1 of Espionage

Espionage Chapter 1


And now of course the part you've all been waiting for . . . the GIVEAWAY! You can win your very own copy of Espionage by entering the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway opens today and will run through the duration of the tour (until April 30th).

Giveaway is open to US only.
You must be 13+ years of age to enter.

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  1. That first chapter was action-packed. Excellent writing! I loved how you introduced all the characters; I am hooked already.

  2. Loved the first chapter! I think I'm going to have to get it for my kindle! It's been far too long since I've read anything aged for someone over 3!

  3. This looks like a solid book. I'll have to suggest my book club give it a read.

  4. This comment is a day and a half late, but thank you Lexie! I'm excited for the tour!

  5. I actually read the interview with Ms Sowards today and laughed at how clever she is. It's wonderful how differently men and women view things...Carmen, and so many other things in life. I'm continuously amazed, and often a bit saddened by the whole thing. Wonder what God was thinking when he made us that different?! LOL Most authors have a difficult time discussing whether they'd like their readers to take away a "moral of the story" or just read for entertainment. I liked that Ms Sowards braved the tides and gave both honest answers. These elements of her personality coupled with her clever and insightful ways make me feel certain her book will be a good and memorable one. If there's a chance to win a copy, I'd love one to review for my blog!