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The Reluctant Bachelorette Blog Tour: Author Interview

 About the Author

Rachael Anderson is the author of four contemporary romances: Divinely Designed, Luck of the Draw, Minor Adjustments, and The Reluctant Bachelorette. She's the mother of four, can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

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Book Bug: Welcome to The Book Bug, Rachael! I'm so glad to have you here!

When and why did you begin writing?

Rachael: In college. I loved to read and was having a hard time finding books that were both clean and good. So I decided to write my own. I quickly learned it wasn't nearly as easy as it sounded. :)

Book Bug: I'm so glad that are authors out there who do write good, clean reads!

What book(s)/author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

Rachael: I can't say there are any specific authors or books. Over the years I've read A LOT, and in one way or another, everything I've read has influenced my writing. Whether it be, "Remind me never to write a book like that," or "How did the author come up with that?" I've learned something from them all.

Book Bug: What is your favorite genre to read/write?

Rachael: Romantic comedies. But I also love pretty much every other genre, with the exception of horror and sci-fi.

Book Bug: What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine?

Rachael: I only wish. I'm a full-time mom so I have to fit it in wherever I can. Which isn't a whole lot right now.

Book Bug: I so admire you full time mom writers!

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

Rachael: Bang my head against my desk or eat a lot of chocolate covered almonds. If that doesn't lodge an idea loose, I ask my husband or call one of my sisters or friends. Someone is bound to say something that helps me out. If all else fails, I take a break and work on something else.

Book Bug: What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Rachael: Revisions and rewrites. There were so many that I had issues staying motivated.

Book Bug: What do you think are the most important elements of good writing?

Rachael: Good grammar, although that's probably my greatest weakness. Snappy dialogue A satisfying arc. And writing emotion that makes the reader feel exactly what that character is experiencing--something that is WAY easier said than done, I'm afraid. At least for me.

Book Bug: As a technical writer, good grammar is at the top of my list as well.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Rachael: Anything but sit in front of a computer screen. And preferably something that takes me outside. I love boating, biking, gardening, nature hikes, reading, sewing, and baking (not cooking, mind you, baking).

Book Bug: What book are you reading now?

Rachael: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth. An awesome series, by the way. I'm just ticked I have to wait another year for her final book to come out.

Book Bug: I'm dying to read that series! (My husband loves it!)

What are your current/future projects?

Rachael: I'm finishing up a Christmas novella (another romantic comedy) that will be part of a compilation book with Jolene Perry and Kaylee Baldwin (we're all contributing a story and publishing it as one book), and then there's the YA paranormal romance I've been working on FOREVER that I can't quite get right. As for the future? That's up in the air. All I can promise is that it will have romance in it. :)

Book Bug: Well I can't wait to read any of those!

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Rachael: Do it because you love it and not because you expect to get rich.

Book Bug: I definitely agree
About the Book

Author: Rachael Anderson
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: HEA Publishing
Genre: Clean Romance
Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it's up to the viewers--not her--to decide which bachelors stay or go.

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke's an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she's up to, it means revenge.

But when their pranks go south, will they screw up any chance they have at a future together, or will they be able to forgive and forget and prove that love really does conquer all?

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  1. I haven't read insurgent yet. It is on my tbr list though