Monday, October 15, 2012

Smart Move by Melanie Jacobson: Author Guest Post

I'm so excited to have a guest post from Melanie Jacobson today, who just happends to be my favorite LDS romantic comedy author. So keep reading to find out more about her (it's hilarious, trust me!)

And check out my review of her latest novel, Smart Move.
                            About Melanie Jacobson
Melanie Jacobson is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she grew up in a rich tradition of storytellers. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she enjoyed a career in fashion retail before pursuing her true passion: teaching literature and writing. Realizing she was still missing something, Melanie tried Internet dating for a few years. She now considers herself a retired Internet dating expert after searching the World Wide Web to find her husband, who only lived forty-five minutes away. They live with their three children in Orange County, California. Smart Move is Melanie's fourth novel.
10 Things About Me
by Melanie Jacobson 
You guys, you're either going to be really sorry or really glad you stopped by Lexie's blog today because I'm about to reveal ten things about me that I tell almost no one, being as I have an image to maintain. I don't actually know what this image is, but I work very hard to maintain it.
Here we go.
  1. First, to my everlasting shame, I am completely useless at painting my own fingernails. This makes me feel like a failure as a grown up and somehow less of a woman. This is the same reason I avoid crafts.
  2. Second, I can burp the alphabet. I will never do it again as long as I live, but just know that this used to be something I was really, really good at, and that ability lives inside me.
  3. Third, I like the smell of skunk. There. I said it.
  4. Fourth, I'm a sucker for sports movies. And I will almost always do an ugly cry while watching one.
  5. Fifth, I cheat at Candyland with my kids. I take out all the special cards before Queen Frostine so the game doesn't last forever. One day they'll play this game with their own kids and realized they were deprived of a whole cast of sugary characters.
  6. Sixth, I don't listen to pop music. But whenever I do hear a song that makes me go, "Hey, this is actually pretty good," it's inevitably a boy band or Justin Bieber. And then I'm very angry with myself.
  7. Seventh, I get lost in IKEA every time I go. Not like metaphorically: Oh, I could shop in here for hours. No, I mean like I can't find my way out. I build a half hour of extra shopping time into my trips to account for this.
  8. Eighth, here are words I can't spell right the first time: lavendar, colesium, mischievious, and seperate. See?
  9. Ninth, I almost never share my treats with my kids. I don't even feel bad about it.
  10. Tenth, I spent many childhood hours obsessing over the fact that I didn't have a talent to do if I ever competed for Miss America. It really stressed me out.
And now that you understand what kind of deeply flawed individual crafted this new book, I hope you'll consider picking it up for a read, anyway.
About the Book

Title: Smart Move
Author: Melanie Jacobson
Release Date: October 2012
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: LDS Romantic Comedy
The spark was undeniable the night Sandy Burke met the devastatingly handsome Jake. Conversation flowed easily, so after they parted, she waited eagerly for his call. It never came. A high-powered career woman at the ripe old age of twenty-seven, Sandy feels she has had her heart broken one too many times, and now the redheaded trendsetter is facing a major quarter-life crisis. After some introspection, Sandy determines that helping others may be the key to helping herself. When she's presented with a job offer in Washington DC as the director of New Horizons, a nonprofit organization benefiting women in poverty, it seems providential.

But now that she's moved, two major obstacles threaten the success of her first assignment: The first is her mother and her constant fog of less-than-helpful New Age advice. Secondly, plans to build another New Horizons outreach center have come to a screeching halt, thanks to the interference of a pesky lawyer and his attempts to reverse zoning approval for the building project.

After weeks of verbal sparring over the phone, Sandy is in for a shock when she comes face-to-face with her foe. The smooth voice at the other end of the line is a heart-wrenching blast from the past. In this twist of fate, Sandy sees the perfect opportunity to ensure the success of the outreach center — and to enact a little payback on this man she thought she'd left behind. And so the battle of wits begins. Will Sandy's "flirt-to-convert" plot sway her nemesis' determination to block the center, or will his charming and undeniably attractive ways convince the sassy redhead to give love a second chance?

Check out the first chapter here.
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  1. I love the smell of skunk, too! And sports movies are THE BEST.