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Riverwalker Blog Tour: Guest Post

As part of Pump Up Your Book's blog tour, for Riverwalker, I'm happy to be hosting a guest post by the author, Bud Bradshaw.

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                      About the Author

Bud Bradshaw’s fictional work, Riverwalker, is his second work, the first being Brandishing, the true-crime story of the California Highway Patrol’s worst tragedy. His previous formal writing experience consisted of med-legal report writing - chiefly as a Qualified Medical Evaluator and Disability Evaluator – and Intelligence report writing while he served as a Special Agent with the Army’s 109th MI Group from 1969-71.

As an artist, Bradshaw’s work focuses on military history and the American West. Many of his paintings, prints, and Giclees appear in private collections and museums in the U.S., Canada, England, Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. He is a member of the Western Artists of America.

Along the way, Bradshaw worked as a professional musician while earning his B.S. and D.C. degrees. You may view his web site and blog at budbradshaw.com/blog

On Self Publishing

Q: What are the biggest challenges you have faced with self-publishing?

The biggest challenges for me have involved the tech aspect of it: juggling the various programs, dealing with the anguage and wrestling with what to me is a constant uphill learning curve. Tedious and no fun, so I must constantly remind myself of the payoff at rainbow's end.    

Q: What surprised you about the self-publishing process?

How easy it is, despite my complaints.

Q: Right now there is a stigma attached to self-published authors, that just because you can pay for the book to be published doesn’t mean you are a qualified author.

True. But, just because you can't pay for the book's publishing doesn't mean you are not a qualified author. The history of publishing abounds with stories of famous authors whose manuscripts were initially turned away by publishing houses who deemed the authors' submissions unworthy or unqualified; later, they would become classics. Most products, including books, need to be promoted at one level or another, and there's nothing intrinsically wrong with this, as long as the promoters are ethical and the methods beyond reproach. I think the market - not necessarily the literary market at large but, rather, a writer's specific, targeted literary market - becomes the ultimate decision maker in deciding whether or not the author's work is worthy.

Q: Do you think self-publishing will ever become a respected industry?

I think self-publishing will fail or succeed on its own merits. If we make it a respected industry, then it will be one.....as long as we keep our own house clean. 

Q: What is your advice to authors who decide to self-publish?

Be patient. Be strong. Align yourself with qualified people who can help you get the job done.

About the Book

Title: Riverwalker
Author: Bud Bradshaw
Release Date: July 2012
Publisher: Bud Bradshaw
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Riverwalker features the character debut of San Antonio PD veteran detective Gifford Holloway, a former Special Agent with Army Intelligence. Holloway is in pursuit of the most despicable of criminals, a savage murderer who victimizes children and dumps their remains in the water and along the banks of San Antonio’s beautiful and world-renowned Riverwalk attraction.

Frustrated at the lack of progress on the case and spurred on by an encounter with the mysterious Madame Candelaria, a local psychic, Holloway contemplates calling upon his special gift of “seeing”, though officially off-limits within the SAPD, to help solve the case and end the terror. Along the way, Holloway finds an ally in the capable and sensuous newspaper reporter, Salma Veramendi, who carries her own history of abuse

On the bend of the river looms Adler’s Antiques, a historical landmark owned and operated by Wolff Adler, a drug-pumping psychopath descended from a familial line of predators dating back to post-World War I Germany. Himself a victim of horrendous child abuse, Adler is the offspring of a Nazi father and a Mexican bruja, a witch who practiced the “old” religion. Operating from deep within his secret lair beneath the Alamo, San Antonio’s most recognizable and sacred shrine, Adler assumes the guise of Tlaloc, Aztec god of storm, thunder, and … child sacrifice. Adler’s demonic reign of terror, acting upon a distorted internal belief system - a synthesis of Norse mythology and ancient Aztec practices – has a stranglehold on the residents of San Antonio. Wolff Adler has become the RiverWalker.

When his own daughter is suddenly abducted, Holloway pulls out all the stops and, with Salma by his side, closes in on the killer in a gripping climax.
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