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Fall of Eden Tour: Author Spotlight + Giveaway


As part of the tour, Michele is generously offering 3 AMAZING giveaways:
  • The first winner will receive signed copies of the entire Healing Crystal trilogy.
  • The second place winner will receive a signed copy of Fall of Eden as well as a $10 gift certificate.
  • The third place winner will receive a signed copy of Fall of Eden.

To enter to win these prizes, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form provided. (Each tour stop will have the same Rafflecopter form).
  • Open from September 8 to October 8.
  • Must be 13+ years of age to enter
  • US mailing addresses only

Earn entries by doing any/all of the following:
  • Leaving a blog post comment
  • Liking The Healing Crystal Trilogy on Facebook
  • Tweeting about the giveaway (once per day)
  • Writing a review of Fall of Eden
  • Posting an interview, the book trailer, or a link to the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

                  About Michele Poague
Born Michele Rae Jeffryes in Newman Grove, Nebraska, Michele Poague has spent most of her life in Colorado, South Dakota and Nevada, and has lived in Denver, Colorado, since 1984. When she is not writing novels, researching a story, traveling, or working at her full time job as a nightclub manager, Michele volunteers her time as an advocate for the Libertarian Party.
For more information and to connect with Michele Poague, please visit any or all of the following networking links:
Ten Things About Me
by Michele Poague
  1. I was born on a Friday; a true middle child - the fourth of seven.
  2. Each of my siblings (five sisters and one brother) was born on a different day of the week. Figure the odds on that one.
  3. I was a tomboy who loved climbing things when I was young. I started with doorways, stop signs, and trees. By high school I had graduated to water towers and radio antennas. Local police were always very nice when asking me to come down.
  4. I played with cars and trucks and enjoyed building dams in the gutter when it rained.
  5. Summer afternoons would find me riding slow moving trains to Thornton, and back to Denver, or swimming in the Platte River. (Sorry, Mom, I knew you’d find out some day.)
  6. I made a good living slinging drinks in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the early 80’s.
  7. I moved back to Denver, Colorado, in 1984 to remodel a 100 year-old house in a very bad part of town.
  8. While living there, I gutted the house and replaced the wiring and plumbing; tore out the plaster and lath; and put up brand-new sheetrock. I'm still amazed by what I found in the walls of that old house.
  9. I learned a lot during those years. Most of it will be shared with my readers in my next novel, Last Kiss, a humorous paranormal romance about a cocktail waitress who uncovers the ghost of a 1920’s jazz singer while remodeling an old house in Five Points, Denver*. Complications also ensue when she tries to figure out the proper way to use a router, a jigsaw, and a dozen other power tools.
  10. I am so happy to be on this blog tour and I thank everyone for allowing me to follow my bliss.
*Once the Jazz and Blues Mecca of the Midwest, rivaled only by Kansas City, Five Points is rich with Denver history.

About the Book
Title: Fall of Eden
Author: Michele Poague
Release Date: July 2011
Series: Book #2 in The Healing Crystal trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Myths are but shadows of a greater truth.

What is the Healing Crystal and who is the rightful heir? Is it a religious object or a powerful weapon? Does it belong to a fallen line of kings or to the colonists of Survin? Should its fate be left in the hands of the young and inexperienced Kairma or to Narvin, the last descendent of a line of kings?

Kairma holds the Crystal and believes she will become the next leader of Survin, while her younger sister Kinter, believes she, not Kairma, is the rightful heir. Narvin believes the Healing Crystal is the Star of Genesis, a powerful relic his ancestors have been seeking for centuries.

Determined to possess the object that will return him to his glory, Narvin is unwavering in his quest to possess it, and Kairma is caught in a fierce race across barren deserts and rugged mountains to a shattering finish where the winner must decide the fate of the world.

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