Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Lost Curse Blog Tour: Review of Tombs of Terror

As part of The Lost Curse blog tour, I read Tombs of Terror, a prequel to The Lost Curse. Keep reading for my review and check back later for a full report on the exciting sequel, The Lost Curse.

Title: Tombs of Terror
Author: T. Lynn Adams
Release Date: February 2010
Publisher: Cedar Fort (Facebook | Twitter)
Genre: YA Adventure/Suspense
Series: Book #1 in Tombs of Terror series
When Jonathon Bradford gets lost in an ancient cavern while sightseeing in Peru, he discovers the secret behind the legendary disappearance of the ancient Inca people. In Tombs of Terror, the gripping debut from T. Lynn Adams, Jonathon is catapulted into an epic struggle between greed and honor. Now he must prove his loyalty and bravery as he battles lethal traps, starvation, kidnapping, and his own fear--all while holding the precarious fate of an entire civilization in his hands.
WARNING: Do not read this book
right before you go to bed!!
Mummies, spiders, and terrorists! Oh my!

Tombs of Terror totally lived up to its name for me. It was definitely creepy and gave me goosebumps at every turn of the page! But it was also a fun, adventureous, and surprisingly educational read that kept me up long after I should have been asleep (true, I read it while in bed, but with the covers over my head!)

The best part of this book for me was the vivid and descriptive imagery. I literally felt at times that I was right there next to the character (yes, I even had to shake out my blankets to make sure there were no spiders waiting to pounce! (Ewww! Even now, I'm getting shivers!!)) The colorful and rich descriptions of the setting combined with the eerily creepy elements made for a suspenseful and chilling read.

Another aspect of the book that was especially interesting to me was the cultural elements woven into the storyline. I loved learning about the history and customs of the Incan people and found the story of the tunnels particularly fascinating. I always appreciate reading a novel that teaches me about history and culture (makes me feel less guilty for ignoring my children while I'm glued to a book!)

Tombs of Terror is an adventureous, fun, and chill-inducing debut, reminiscent of The Mummy but based more on history than supernatural elements. It will appeal to readers of all ages and definitely get your spine tingling!

                     About the Author
"I’m terrified of spiders, can’t fry eggs, and my inability to bake a chocolate chip cookie has become family legend. But blessings come from weaknesses. None of my children have a pet tarantula. My husband volunteers to fry the eggs for breakfast. And all of my sons and daughters are expert cookie bakers. Life if like that–it compensates for our weaknesses by sending others into our lives. Isn’t that wonderful? Writing books and reading them is another wonderful way we can strengthen ourselves and others. I believe it is a writer’s duty to craft words that lift people and help them feel better about their personal lives and those around them, to see the good in life. That is a responsibility I take very seriously." -T. Lynn Adams

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