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Million Dollar Diva by Tristi Pinkston: Book Review + Free Copies!

Title: Million Dollar Diva
Authors: Tristi Pinkston, Brett Kitchen, & Ethan Kap
Date Released: April 2012
Publisher: Brigham Distributing
Genre: Nonfiction/Finance
Received from the authors for review.
Finally - the woman's answer to growing rich safely! Women today face more money challenges than ever before, from managing careers and families to finances - the demands on their time and resources are increasing. Bad financial advice abounds, and it can be hard to know what to do. Award-winning author Tristi Pinkston teams up with bestselling authors Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap to bring you Million Dollar Diva. Experience Tristi's real-life transformation from stuggling in debt to million-dollar retirement!
In this book, you'll discover:
  • The 5-step, simple, safe, and predictable process to change living paycheck-to-paycheck to enjoying wealth and security.
  • How to give yourself a $400 per month raise without asking the boss or working a minute of overtime.
  • "Spend Like a Diva." How to have anything you want - nice vacations, eating out, trips to the mall. It's all part of the plan!
  • The secret formula of how to completely eliminate your debt in 1/3 the time and save tens of thousands on interest costs in the process. You'll see why all the TV gurus are wrong!
  • 5 Million-Dollar-Diva investing strategies that will grow your money safely and predictably every year, without the guesswork.
  • Plus! Discover the key to stop fighting and quarreling with your spouse about money forever!
Imagine yourself living debt-free and building a million-dollar retirement safely and securely, so you can have total confidence in yourself and your future.

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Therapy for the "Financially Challenged"

I have two words to describe this book - "terrifying" and "therapeutic". Now before the "terrifying" part scares you away let me give you a little background about my financial life so that it makes sense.

When my husband and I got married, we were set financially. We both got our degrees, landed great jobs, and made almost $100,000 a year between the two of us. We didn't spend extravagantly but we could pretty much buy whatever we wanted. Then, I got pregnant.

We decided that we wanted to raise our kids with a stay-at-home mom so just like that, our income was cut in half. Unfortunately, our expenses were not cut in half. And that's when the evil credit card monster snuck up on me (and yes, this was mainly my fault).

That is the reason I found this book so "terrifying". It made me take a good hard look at our finances (which I try not to do) and own up to the mistakes I've made in the past.

"When it comes to money, do you ever feel afraid?
I know I do." [p. 39]
However, after getting past the "terrifying" emotions, the book became "therapeutic" for me because it provided hope - hope for our finances, for a better life, and for (finally!) getting out of debt.

First off, I was so impressed by Tristi's bravery in baring her finances for all to see. That takes a lot of guts but made the book so relatable because of the similarities to my own life and financial situation. I empathized with her emotions throughout the whole book and applauded her willingness to change her life.

I also appreciated the detailed plan that Brett and Ethan laid out. They didn't just spew out financial terminology that would be way over my head. They explained things in a way that anyone could understand and could apply to their own financial situation. 

"You don't have to be dumb to get into debt.
But you also don't have to be a genius to get out of it." [p. 24]
In addition to the financial planning tips, the authors also explain how money impacts not only our finances, but also our emotional and family lives as well.

"Money is emotional, not logical or financial,
and that's why it's so hard to control." [p. 40]
As a woman, I'm usually controlled by my emotions and felt (slightly) validated by this fact. It made me look at money in a different light and analyze some of the reasons behind my spending.

No matter what station of life you are in, whether you are young or old, male or female, you need to read this book! It is a quick and easy to read and contains some of the best practical advice I have ever read about finances.

Purchase the Book

To go along with the book, the authors have set up a website called Million Dollar Diva. It is so cute and provides free software to create your own personal "Drive Down Debt" plan.

For a limited time (through June 15th), Million Dollar Diva will be available FOR FREE at (plus $5.95 for shipping and handling).

Million Dollar Diva is also available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the Authors

Brett Kitchen is a co-author of the national Inc. Magazine bestseller Safe Money Millionaire. His family tree of entrepreneurship dates back to his great-great-great-grandfather, a watchmaker on Jersey Island off the coast of England. He has created two million-dollar businesses and has coached thousands of financial and insurance representatives on how to help people grow rich safely. Financial problems destroying families have caused Brett to help change the way Americans save and invest their money.

Tristi Pinkston is the author of eight novels, two cookbooks, one religious inspirational book, and over two thousand articles. She works full-time from home as a freelance editor, and is a featured presenter at writing conferences all over the Intermountain West. Tristi enjoys mentoring fledgling writers and helping them rise to their full potential as published authors.

Ethan Kap is a leading expert in changing the way American families save and invest their money. He is the co- author of the best-selling book, Safe Money Millionaire, and co-founder of the Safe Millionaire Academy. He is adamant about teaching others to take ownership of their financial destiny instead of being hooked on handouts and entitlements. Ethan is also a serial entrepreneur and has coached thousands of business owners to success.


  1. This sounds like a book I could really relate to! I have never heard of it- but based on the financial quotes you shared- it seems like a book that would be very helpful. I especially liked the quote about money being emotional. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you read my review! Thanks for commenting! And it is definitely worth reading if you need help with your finances.