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RetirementQuest Blog Tour: Book Review

Title: RetirementQuest: Making Better Decisions
Author: John Hauserman
Publisher: RetirementQuest
Date Released: November 2011
Genre: Nonfiction/Finance
Received from author for review.
Make better decisions . . .

  • Get the unbiased advice you need

  • Avoid costly missakes

  • Where are you getting your financial advice? How do you know your interests are being safeguarded? How do you know that your advisors are competent? How can you know they’re putting your interests first?

    John Hauserman has spent years building a better way for you to pursue your investment goals. Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions shows you how to get unbiased advice and avoid costly financial mistakes. If you want to build a secure financial future, this is the book that will help show you how.

    I normally don't review nonfiction books so it was a new experience to study RetirementQuest. And I use the word "study" on purpose since this is a totally interactive book which requires careful analysis. I recommend you read it with a pen and paper handy and also near your computer so you can use the RetirementQuest planning website. I know I'm just supposed to be reviewing the book but I have to say that the website is fantastic! It is clever and creative and most importantly it is useful.

    My husband and I are nowhere near the age of retiring. However, I have watched as my parents and my in-laws, who are both self-employed and nearing the age of retirement, wonder how they will make ends meet after they quit working. This has inspired me to think about and plan for our financial future, especially considering the volatile economic climate of the world.

    The advice and information presented in RetirementQuest is a perfect starting place to create and implement a retirement plan. It contained flexible strategies to meet individual needs and warnings about how to avoid major setbacks. I appreciated that the plan was not directed at one particular age group but applied to people of all ages. (Just as a warning, you do need a background in finance to understand some of the terms and equations. I guess my minor in Business finally paid off!)

    I especially enjoyed the last few chapters that delved into political commentary and the history of US economics. It was very interesting to learn how our history has shaped the current economic climate and trends and led us to a position where we live longer and make more money than ever before.
    The good news is that we as a culture are on the verge of the greatest accumulation of wealth, and its subsequent generational transfer that the world has ever witnessed. Average workers, diligently saving in a company retirement plan and then carefully making responsible retirement choices, will likely not only provide for their own comfort in old age but also potentially leave behind a nest egg for their children and grandchildren. The bad news is that for those who do not embrace this challenge, the safety nets are going away . . . [p. 111-112]
    RetirementQuest is informative, well written, and full of great advice. Whether you are just fresh out of college or nearing your golden years, this book will help you plan for your financial retirement needs while avoiding costly economic pitfalls.

                                       About the Author
    John is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner, creator of RetirementQuest, and frequent guest financial expert on various Baltimore area news broadcasts. John conducts financial planning through RetirementQuest Wealth Management. With nearly 20 years advising experience, he has helped individuals meet their financial goals and has championed flat fee financial planning as a more fair and conflict free method to deliver financial services. A graduate of the Business School at Towson State University, he focused on human resources management, believing the quality of the people to be a cornerstone of any organization.

    When not working, John enjoys time with his wife, Diane, and kids, Jackson and Leah. Together, they share a love of music, sports, travel, and outdoor activities. One of his favorite memories is coaching his kids' flag football games with Diane cheering them on.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. Your review really captured the concept that I was trying to create through my book and website.
      John Hauserman.